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Do I have to have a disability to come on the trip?
No.  We want a diverse range of student geologists with a diverse range of abilities, skills and experiences.

If I do have a disability, do I need to be in receipt of a Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) needs assessment?
A DSA needs assessment is not essential, but we do need some evidence of your disability/needs.

I use a wheelchair can I still participate?
Yes.  We cannot promise full access to every locality, but you will be involved in every activity.   We hope to trial the use of all-terrain wheelchairs (providing we are able to hire them), or if this is not suitable, remote access techniques such as video streaming.

I have a full time carer, can they come too?
Yes and their costs will be covered.

My health varies, some days I will be able to go in the field, but other days I will need to stay in the hostel.  Is this a problem?
No.  We will be testing a series of alternative technologies, such as virtual reality and the use of aerial photography that can be used either in the hostel or in a vehicle in the field.  These will allow you to still gather your own data, which can then be included with those collected from the field.

Is there group work?
Students will be paired according to mixed-ability, with and without a disability.  Pairs will then form groups of four in an evening to complete the goal of an electronic poster on the geological evolution of Anglesey.  If group work is uncomfortable for you, please talk to us about it and don’t let the idea of it put you off applying.  It is an important skill to develop for the workplace and this experience can also help you learn ways of dealing with it.

Is it assessed?
No, but each pair/group will be working towards the development of a model for the geological evolution of Anglesey based on their own collected data , which will be presented at the end of the week.

Do I need to own my own an iPad/tablet or other electronic tech?
No, we will provide everything you need in this respect.

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