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Access Anglesey Geological Field Trip

2nd September to 9th September 2018

This inclusive field trip is for any undergraduate student studying a Geology (or related) degree at a UK university, particularly those for whom fieldwork is a challenge due to mental health, learning, sensory or mobility conditions.  We will visit great field localities on the Island of Anglesey and investigate ways of including everyone in the geological experience, whether they are in the field, in a vehicle in the car park or back at base.  We will develop a model for the geological evolution of the Island based on our own data and explore how different technologies can make fieldwork better for all.  It's about discovering which methods assist inclusion and accessibility in the field (and which don't) and then telling people about them.  It’s a field trip about the geology, with people with diverse abilities, it’s not about disability.  Food and accommodation are free for student participants - see Practicalities for more details.

Places are also available for interested observers from other institutions / organisations.

Applications have now closed.

Download a copy of the field trip flyer.

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